Ziyi Tang



Animal Perception Made Visible

Animal Perception Made Visible is a video artwork that introduces perspectives of two endangered species—bees and moles—to the audience.

As urbanization increases, people do not get the chance to be close to animals and do not appreciate how animals add so much vital diversity to this planet. Certain human activities such as insecticide use cause habitat loss and climate change to the environment. Eventually, some of the animal species start to face the danger of extinction. In order for people to preserve the ecosystem, I believe people need to first be familiarized themselves with other species on Earth and understand how their existence help balance the ecosystem.

The work includes two short documentaries that aims to provide an immersed experience for people to learn bees’ and moles’ stories while their contribution to the planet.

 The bee documentary mainly aims to introduce the bee’s journey to find flowers using bees’ abilities to detect magnetic fields and ultraviolet light from flowers.


The mole documentary splits into two sections to explain moles’ olfactory mapping and smell underwater ability.

By following along those narratives, people become the targeted animal in the video and experience animals’ sensories visually. I include my voice-over in the video to narrate those animal journeys so people can understand how animals benefit from their special sensories in nature. Overall Animal Perception Made Visible aims to provide an immersed experience for people to enjoy bee’s and mole’s sensories while learning their significance in nature.